Divide Your Home into Different Temperature Zones

Directs The Air Where It Is Needed The Most

HVAC Zoning System

Zoned Heating and Cooling

What is an HVAC Zoning System?

An HVAC zoning system is a heating and cooling system that uses electronic dampers in the duct work to regulate and redirect air to particular areas of the home. Each floor or room can be controlled by its own thermostat, which controls the dampers to divert airflow. This also allows an increase in comfort and the HVAC system's efficiency.

Benefits of Zone Control System

    Improves comfort
    Extends the life of the HVAC system
    Extends the life of the HVAC system
    Adjust the heating and cooling temperatures in each zone

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Why HVAC zoning right for you?

A zoned HVAC system may be perfect for you if your house appears to have different temperatures in each room or you have a multi-level home. There are hundreds of reasons why your home's temperature may vary from room to room, and controlling each area with a single thermostat would not solve the problem. A zoned HVAC system allows you to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home or vary the temperature in each area to whatever you like.


Advantages of an HVAC Zoning System

Energy Savings

A multi-zone heating and cooling system's key benefit is its ability to save energy. HVAC zoning systems can save up to 30% on air conditioning expenses, according to the United States Department of Energy. This is accomplished by adjusting your air conditioning to your needs and not leaving it on in places where it is not required.

Greater Comfort

An HVAC zoning system allows you complete control over your air conditioning's working modes and temperatures. Each zone can have its own temperature and air conditioning mode. If one portion of the house is excessively cold and you need to increase the heat exclusively in that room, HVAC zoning can help you do so fast. As a result, other areas of the house are not overheated, resulting in more consistent temperature.


Better Air Quality

While the air passing through an HVAC system is filtered, pollutants such as lint, dust, pollen, and pet dander can sometimes get through the filters and back into your home. The dampers that regulate a zonal HVAC system ensure that air is only directed to the zone for which it was designed, preventing undesired dirt and particles from flowing throughout the house every time the HVAC system is turned on. 

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